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Finesse Hitting 2013One of the most frequently asked questions is, "What kind of bat should I get?"  My answer has changed several times over the years.  When you search the web for fastpitch softball bat reviews or top fastpitch softball bats and find articles you'll find there are no shortage of opinions.  There are comments written by parents, coaches and players on many softball bat resellers web sites and softball forums too.  Those comments typically range from, "I love that bat!  Glad I bought this bat!" to "That bat is terrible.  Don't buy it.  Buy this bat instead."

You're in for a shock if you are new to the sport and have never shopped for a bat before.

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Article Overview

Swartz Creek Youth Softball ClinicIn this article I describe recreational softball from the younger years through the high school years.  I explain how to survive the Everybody Gets Trophy concept that is everywhere in youth sports today, primarily in the younger years (ages 5-12).  As your daughters continue with softball into the older age groups (ages 13-18) I talk about how recreational ball becomes a bit more competitive, while retaining its more socially relaxed environment. 

I characterize the coaches, umpires and even YOU the parents and the vast differences in experience at each stage of recreational ball.  I give you my 2 cents on how to be a great recreational softball parent and discuss the practice of good sportsmanship.  Yes, one of my pet peeves is the sportsmanship that YOU the parents practice, which has truths for all of the levels of all sports.  And finally I ask for your feedback.  Enjoy. 

My next article will be: Levels of the Game - School Softball

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