green book previewI'm very excited to announce that the Softball Journey Book is completed!  It is in the final stages of publishing phase and will be made available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.  You can check here for updates, sign up for updates (right side of the website), and check the Softball Journey Facebook page as well. 

If you enjoy the Softball Journey Blog, then I think you'll love the book.  There's a lot of information about all levels of the game in the book.  It is structured in chronological order, from the youth recreational league to middle school to travel softball to high school softball to college softball, and finally life after softball.  I've detailed the costs of softball, tryout process, and college softball experience.

The newcomer to the game will gain invaluable wisdom from the book, while those somewhere along the journey will benefit from what lies ahead.  Parents may benefit the most, but coaches will too if they have an open mind and truly want to be the best coach they can be.  Players will also benefit from the knowledge their parents and coaches gain from the book.  In fact, I believe some of the information in the book would help players of other sports - boys and girls - and their parents and coaches.

I've not set the release date yet, but expect it to be soon!  I'm hopeful that it can be launched in April, but it most definitely will be by May of 2021.  Of course as soon as those details are known, I'll be telling you all about it! 

Thank you for reading the Blog and following on Facebook!

Greg Cruthers