fastfoodYou spend considerable time and money to develop your daughter’s softball skills: Hitting or pitching lessons or both, gym membership or a personal trainer or both, and the fees and expenses for her to play travel softball. How much attention do you give to her diet?

I’m not talking about losing weight. I’m talking about eating for optimal health and physical and mental performance. What did she eat the day before and day of her last game? And how did she perform?

For example, what if you find that her performance is not as sharp on days that she eats mostly carbohydrates – in particular processed foods with high amounts of sugar? Would you be willing to suggest that she should make changes to her diet? Or would you insist that she does?

I recall a catcher in 14u who ate an entire small pizza in between games one summer. It was near 90 degrees with very high humidity. It was during bracket play. We had already played 2 games – and ended up playing 2 more back-to-back. By the middle of the 3rd game she was useless – making mental mistakes, while underperforming physically. Does this surprise you?

Pizza and fast food are obvious poor choices. What about Subway, Gatorade, and Clif Bars? Some foods that are thought to be healthy choices aren’t healthy at all. How do you feel after eating these and other foods? If a certain food made you bloated or tired, do you think twice before eating it again?

She doesn’t need to know what you’re doing. Unless you’re certain that a particular food has a negative effect on her performance, nothing need be said or done. You’ll also find foods that have a positive effect. This data should help you put together a game plan before you inform her of what you’ve been up to. If she wants to be her best, she’ll be open to your plan.

Having the best foods with you while you’re on the road can make a big difference. Take the time to ensure there are healthy options in the car for every trip. I’m not a dietician or medical professional, so I can’t advise you specifically. But, there’s a lot of info available at your fingertips.

Personal side note: I changed my habits to eating Keto over the past 3 years and never felt better. Intermittent fasting and cutting sugar has made significant improvements in how I feel – energy, focus, and weight.