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Another week of work and school goes by for you and your daughter. You pack the car with your things and her softball gear and hit the road towards the hotel. Whether it be a college softball camp or tournament, your dreading the drive, but eager for some softball. One minute she’s texting on her cell phone a bit and listening to music and passed out the next.

She’s learning to deal with her anxieties and fears right before your very eyes.

Your glad she’s resting, so she’ll be fresh in the morning. You’re already thinking about how little sleep you’ll get that night and the amount of coffee it will take to get your morning rolling. You’re hoping that she’ll have a great day, perform to the best of her abilities and make an impression on a coach or two.

You make it to the hotel, wake her up, get checked in and she crashes again while you’re staying at the imperfections of the hotel ceiling in the flicker of the television’s light. You blink your eyes and the alarm’s going off. You get ready, rush through breakfast and dash to the field or college. She’s fine. You’re exhausted as the camp or game begins.

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I want to help you by sharing my thoughts on college softball camps.  Through the years my daughter attended too many to count or name and now she works them as a member of her college softball team.  Today as a 16U travel coach I am encouraging my players to attend camps.  

Which ones?  How many?  What types?  Why?  Those are some of the most common questions I’m asked.  I’ll answer these and more in this article, which I hope you will share with other parents in your softball circles.  


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So. My daughter has transferred from Ball State to Valdosta State to finish her education and play her final two years of college softball.  Was this the plan all along?  No.  Did we ever anticipate this?  No.  Why the move?  Well, it's a long story for another day.  I will however share with you the short story.  Craig Nicholson recruited her.  She committed, finished her senior year in high school, earned back-to-back 1st Team All-State honors as a shortstop, graduated, had an open house, went to the BSU orientation, met her future freshman teammates and began her final year of summer travel softball.  A couple weeks after orientation, she was notified that Nicholson took the head coaching job at Arizona State University.

Valdosta State Softball Stadium

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I cannot believe her freshman year is over.  She'll be finished with exams on Tuesday ending a successful academic freshman year.  She's made tons of friends outside of the softball team, loves her teammates, the university, her major and the rest of the college experience.  She's kept her head on straight as to the typical temptations and peer pressures a college freshman faces.  She has matured and seems absolutely content and happy. 

She refuses to discuss anything concerning herself and the team with me or anybody else.

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The Absolute Most Important Advice I Can Give You

If you believe that your daughter may have the skills and desire to play college softball at any level and is in 9th grade or higher, GET A SKILLS VIDEO NOW!  A skills video is a brief (about 3-5 minutes) demonstration of your daughter's physical ability to play softball.  College coaches will take 3 minutes to watch the video and will decide whether they're interested or not.  If they are interested, they will want to come watch your daughter play.  They do not want to read a book of your achievements, awards or community services. 

Assuming your daughter is emailing coaches her player profile and skills video link, she should also include her upcoming tournament schedule with game times and field locations.

Brooke Cruthers - Petoskey, Michigan - Travel Softball Tournament

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