College Recruiting

Information on the College Recruiting Process

I cannot believe her freshman year is over.  She'll be finished with exams on Tuesday ending a successful academic freshman year.  She's made tons of friends outside of the softball team, loves her teammates, the university, her major and the rest of the college experience.  She's kept her head on straight as to the typical temptations and peer pressures a college freshman faces.  She has matured and seems absolutely content and happy. 

She refuses to discuss anything concerning herself and the team with me or anybody else.

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The Absolute Most Important Advice I Can Give You

If you believe that your daughter may have the skills and desire to play college softball at any level and is in 9th grade or higher, GET A SKILLS VIDEO NOW!  A skills video is a brief (about 3-5 minutes) demonstration of your daughter's physical ability to play softball.  College coaches will take 3 minutes to watch the video and will decide whether they're interested or not.  If they are interested, they will want to come watch your daughter play.  They do not want to read a book of your achievements, awards or community services. 

Assuming your daughter is emailing coaches her player profile and skills video link, she should also include her upcoming tournament schedule with game times and field locations.

Brooke Cruthers - Petoskey, Michigan - Travel Softball Tournament

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