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My 2016 16u team just played our first fall tourney in Indianapolis and stayed in a hotel, which was a great way for everybody to get to know each other.  In Saturday’s games, we went 2-1.  Our loss was a tough one that we lost in the last inning.  

Throughout the day there seemed to be more close calls going against us than for us, particularly in the game we lost.  However, I did not show disrespect or anger towards the umpires.  I didn’t even challenge a call, nor request one umpire to ask for help on a call from the other.  Instead I shook their hands after the game and thanked them politely.

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One day you leave work early to get to your daughter’s youth recreational game in time for the first pitch. It seems like the next day you give her a hug and kiss and watch her leave home for college. Then, you get home from work to find a quiet house. In fact, it’s never been this quiet before.

You don’t have to take her to lessons, go to a camp, game or the field to help her practice. You find yourself sitting alone wondering what to do. You can’t shake the feeling that you should be somewhere doing something. It’s like you’re forgetting something important as your anxiety levels slowly rise. You are officially experiencing the empty nest syndrome.

Hailey & Kara drive with Hayley to Georgia.  Hailey & Kara leave for college this week.

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My recent articles, Top 10 Tips for Players at Softball Tryouts & When Parents Wave Red Flags have been widely read and shared. It was suggested recently that I write something to help parents & players on what they should look for in a travel softball team/club. Last year I posted, Travel Softball Tryouts - Common Questions & Answers, which addresses some of what you should look for in a team/club. This article will expand upon that.

2015 Mid-Michigan Firestix - Babcock & Cruthers

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Tryouts are anxious times for many softball players.  While some of these bits of advice may seem like common sense, there's a couple that are often overlooked.  #7 is one of them.  Parents: After you drop off your daughter, find a place to quietly sit/stand and watch.  It's okay to chat with other parents, ask questions, etc.  Just know that it is likely at some point that you're trying out too.  My best advice for parents is to help your daughter to relax, give her encouragement, ensure she has everything she'll need (equipment & waters) and stay away from her until it's over. 

I am confident that you and your daughter will find these tips to be very helpful.  Best of luck to all of you!

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Another weekend of the 2015 summer travel softball season has just passed.  And with it, sadly, more stories of the unbelievable behavior of parents.  From a coach jumping a fence to break up a fight to a mom using her vehicle to block the tournament gate, you cannot make up the kind of lunacy that happens all too frequently at youth sporting events.

I had a long conversation with a couple of Division 1 college coaches this weekend who reiterated, with emphasis, what I’ve been told over recent years:  PARENTS ARE BEING RECRUITED TOO! 

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