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Becca Borawski JenkinsHave you ever heard young female athletes discussing their body weight with each other?  I did recently and it got me thinking about the topic.  I found a very interesting article written by Becca Borawski Jenkins, a female athlete, editor and coach, that I would encourage everybody to share with their daughters:  144lbs: Why Female Athletes Should Toss the Scale and Get a New Perspective.  

The subject of weight is often a very emotional topic for girls.  Her brief article explains why female athletes should stop focusing on their weight.  She tells you why the BMI calculators and doctors ideal weight charts are essentially meaningless for athletes. 

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I witnessed the most unbelievable example of bad coaching, poor sportsmanship and lack of class at last weekend's softball tournament that I've ever seen.  After a close call early in a game the head and 3rd base coach furiously stormed onto the field shouting at the field umpire right up in his face and nearly chest-bumping him and with much of the support of his team's parents and players.  I thought for sure this coach who was younger and physically dwarfed the umpire was going to beat the ump to a pulp.  It's moments like these which contribute to the negative stereotypes associated with youth sports.  I was embarrassed for my sport.

They'd learn that it's better to control their emotions behave with class.

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Bad Weather BluesThere is one absolute certainty when it comes to your softball journey:  It will be affected by bad weather.  It will result in countless delays, reduced game time limits and cancellations.  You'll not only see game cancellations, but entire tournaments.  For the larger tourneys where teams have the opportunity to fight through the loser's bracket to play the winner of the winner's bracket for the tournament championship, this can especially be frustrating.  Bad weather often forces tournament directors to cancel all remaining games in the loser's bracket.

It was an amazing, yet terrifying thing to witness as we could actually see the flames.

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2014 Most Popular Fastpitch Softball BatsAfter a week the poll I posted closed and the results pretty much match what I observed at last weekend's tourney.  Louisville Slugger and DeMarini are the most used fastpitch softball bats right now.  Easton seems to have lost a lot of ground in the past couple of years.  All others are in the minority.  I suppose I should point out that most of my observations were watching 18u teams play.  

Since we couldn't depend on that bat I was forced to buy another.

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Best Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2014A few days ago I mentioned on Facebook that it looked like I needed to update the What Bat Should I Get? article I wrote last September.  I got some feedback from the post, talked with some other "softball people" I know and reaffirmed my belief that there may never be a general consensus on the matter.

During the next few weekends at tournaments I'll be watching what bats are being used and talking with as many coaches, players and parents as possible.  I have also decided to conduct a poll and ask all the Softball Journey readers for their input as well.  Click on the link below to take the poll (and Thanks for helping us out!).

What is your current favorite fastpitch softball bat brand?

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