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Swartz Creek View OnlineI recently read an article in my local newspaper describing how parents are failing their children by overprotecting them from adversity and allowing them to be quitters.  There’s some evidence to back this claim up, but I think there’s a lot of blame to be shared.  I think you could begin by asking, “What has led to or caused today’s (many) parents to feel, believe and behave in this way?”

The article by Lisa Paine, Where’s the Commitment, cited another article by the Director of the MHSAA (Jack Roberts) titled Parent Problem.  Both articles make valid points.  Roberts says this concerning Helicopter-Parents who end up just letting their kids quit, “they not only hover, they also seek to rescue their children from the very situations – adversity – that sports uses to teach life lessons.”

He also wrote about the need for parental guidance sections in their athletic handbooks and communications with parents that was unnecessary years ago.  Lisa’s main point was about the sad message parents are sending their children, “Anytime life doesn’t go your way, such as in a team or academic setting, later on in life in relationships, jobs and community settings, you simply walk away and quit. That’s setting everyone up for failure.”

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Are You Training Yourself to Fail?

Peter BregmanI recently saw a video asking that question.  Peter Bregman says, “It starts with this basic premise that you get good at anything you do over and over again.  What you practice, you get good at.” That is absolutely true.  He adds, “But, how often do we make the same mistakes over and over again? If you make a mistake, that’s fine.  But when you keep making that same mistake over and over again, what you’re really doing is practicing getting really, really good at making that same mistake. ”

Watch the Video

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How Would You Have Reacted?

The video is a perfect example of the ultimate team player. First watch the video, then answer the questions below.

I was completely focused on my daughter and not the team.  Yes, Mr. Perfect Coach was in the wrong.

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Champions of the World!

Champions of the World!The leaves have turned and are littering the landscape with winter just around the corner. You watched your daughter plays softball in the spring and summer, but that seems so long ago. Maybe she practiced during the fall or participated in another sport or activity, while you’ve been going through your daily routine. And then you hear, “Hey Mom. Hey Dad. We have our first game next weekend.”

You get to relax, because it’s not the Championship of the World.

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What Was Leyland Thinking?

I am a life long Detroit Tigers fan.  There are many times throughout the course of a 162 game season that I question manager Jim Leyland's decisions.  Last night's ALCS game #2 was one of those times.  The Tigers were up 5-1 at Boston at the end of 7 innings played with the probable Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer pitching brilliantly.  He showed no signs of being tired or losing his stuff, but had 106 pitches.  Leyland went to his bullpen in the beginning of the 8th inning, playing the numbers games with right-handers and left-handers.

As many Tigers fans did, I went to bed angry, disgusted and dumbfounded.

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