Best Fastpitch Softball Bats of 2014A few days ago I mentioned on Facebook that it looked like I needed to update the What Bat Should I Get? article I wrote last September.  I got some feedback from the post, talked with some other "softball people" I know and reaffirmed my belief that there may never be a general consensus on the matter.

During the next few weekends at tournaments I'll be watching what bats are being used and talking with as many coaches, players and parents as possible.  I have also decided to conduct a poll and ask all the Softball Journey readers for their input as well.  Click on the link below to take the poll (and Thanks for helping us out!).

What is your current favorite fastpitch softball bat brand?

A good bat can only improve the quality of the contact.

If you Google this topic you will find there is no shortage of opinions as to which is the best bat.  Here's some links to a couple searches I ran this morning, which show results based on opinions or sales:

For the poll I decided to include Worth, which I've seen more of since the high school season.  I know some people swear by Anderson's RocketTech bats and I'm sure others are die-hard Mizuno or Combat fans.  I just don't see that many of those bats being used in my travels.  The exception would be for Mizuno bats, which sponsor some travel teams.

A comment by Andy on the Facebook post brings up another great point, which is that "the bat doesn't make a good swing."  Dropping $300+ on a new bat will not make a player a better hitter if she's not making good contact already.  A good bat can only improve the quality of the contact.  If you're unsure as to your daughters abilities, ask a coach or hitting instructor and consider signing her up for hitting lessons (Hitting: Lessons, Results & Realities).  I would also suggest that a 10 year old does not need a $300 bat and can make do with an aluminum for under $50.  This poll doesn't get into the models...maybe more on that later.

Thanks for taking the poll and as always for your feedback.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!