Sigh.  I briefly discussed the nonsense that appears in the sports forums (everywhere) in the article I wrote about travel softball tryouts.  Here is an example hot off the Mlive forum.  This post leads you to believe the whole team and coach are now part of my club, the Mid-Michigan Firestix.  The problem is that it is entirely false.

It proves the point I've made about these forums.

This follow up post is an example of the gossip game you might have played when you were a child.  You know, where the class lines up and each kid whispers something into the kid's ear next to him until the last kid says out loud what he just heard, which is nothing remotely close to what the first kid said.  On this forum, by the end of the day who knows what additional comments there might be.

This is the post I had to make to try to stop the rumor.  I have no idea if it will really stop the spread of this lie, but had to at least try to clear it up.

A short while later this was posted, which just goes to show you how ignorant some people are.  It proves the point I've made about these forums.  I gave my name and link to my website on my post in attempt to add credibility to it.  And that was not enough for this guy as if we're in this big conspiracy to steal a team from another club.  It's officially absurd now to waste time replying every time another moron shoots his mouth off about things he doesn't know. 

This time of year these forums are really busy.  As I've written about before, this is a necessary place to go to find out information for tryouts.  This is also a time of year where coaches are looking for individual players for specific positions, individual players looking for teams and coaches looking for places to coach.  It's just so tiresome sifting through the babble to find what you need.

Well I suppose I should give thanks to these anonymous folks for providing examples of what I've written about concerning these forums.  ;-)