Parents: Have you ever taken a vacation or had an extended weekend off work?  Have you ever said something like, “I just need to get away for a couple days?”  How did you feel while and after you took that time off?

When Fall Ball is over, please allow your daughter to take a break.  If she says she doesn't want or need one, then insist she takes one; seriously.  If as a parent you believe that your daughter cannot afford to take a break, I strongly encourage you to reconsider.  

I’ve written about taking breaks before, so this won’t be a rewrite.  This is just a reminder that your daughter, no matter what age or if she’s in the middle of the recruiting process, needs to take breaks.  She not only needs physical breaks, but mental as well.

We just played our last fall tournament and instructed our players to take at least 2 full weeks off softball.  While it is easier to do for the girls who are playing volleyball right now, it is harder to do for those single-sport players.  For them, we suggest other recreational activities and/or strength and conditioning, but only a couple days per week.

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