Champions of the World!

Champions of the World!The leaves have turned and are littering the landscape with winter just around the corner. You watched your daughter plays softball in the spring and summer, but that seems so long ago. Maybe she practiced during the fall or participated in another sport or activity, while you’ve been going through your daily routine. And then you hear, “Hey Mom. Hey Dad. We have our first game next weekend.”

You get to relax, because it’s not the Championship of the World.

A host of thoughts and emotions runs through each parent’s veins at that point. Some will begin thinking about every aspect of the game, not only concerning their daughter, but the other girls on the team too. Other parents will just happily look forward to escaping their grown-up preoccupations. Many will be happy to see the other parents of the girls their daughter has been going to school over the years.

As a former parent and current coach of high school softball players, I have come up with a short list of what I consider to be the finest things about recreational winter softball for parents.  (Bonus:  The cost is far cheaper than travel softball and the games are usually very close to home.)

#5 You get to watch your daughter play softball again.

For a couple hours you get to ease your worried mind by watching your “little girl” play a game with her friends just for fun.

#4 You get to relax, because it’s not the Championship of the World.

It’s recreational, practice, developmental and a learning experience with no pressure on your daughter. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to sit on the edge of your seat or pace behind the backstop when your daughter plays on the varsity team.

#3 You get to see your daughter play new positions and/or try new things.

“Wow. Sally’s playing second base this inning.” Although they cannot coach these teams, this is an opportunity for the high school coaches to see certain players play in different positions. Your daughter may end up playing a position that neither you nor her ever envisioned.

#2 You get to see your daughter’s progress.

Whether she practiced in the fall or not, she’s a little bit older and is still a “growing girl.” The difference in coordination, strength and agility from year to year for high school girls can be amazing. And if she has been receiving instructions, you will get your first look at the results and hopefully improvements through the course of the winter games.

#1 You get to see your daughter have fun.

Is she smiling? Is she laughing? Does she look like there’s no place she would rather be? If not, the end of hers and your softball journey may be near. If it’s all good, as Steve Winwood says, then Roll With It Baby!