Eric Thomas - The Secret To Success

As parents you may not know who Eric Thomas is, but a couple years ago you likely heard his voice in a video that went viral.  It was titled, How Bad Do You Want It?  I recently read his book, The Secret To Success, at the request of my daughter who was reading it at college.  She's a big fan and he is going to be on campus to give a speech to the all of the athletes shortly.  

I've read a lot of these types of books over the years and although his message was familiar, I can see how he gets through to the younger generations.  I did enjoy the book.  It was an easy quick read.  He grew up in Detroit, was homeless for awhile and overcame many obstacles in his life including the worst kinds of peer pressure and bad influences you can imagine before achieving success.  One of my favorite quotes from his book is:

Don't make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what's actually good for you.

While parents may or may not relate to the self-professed Hip Hop style of Eric Thomas, chances are your teenagers will.  He is a real as it gets.  His story is The American Dream and your daughters and/or sons might appreciate you sharing the link to his web site with them or reading his book.  They might even think you're cool....well ok let's not get carried away.

Work Hard - Audio by Eric Thomas on 3:42

His web site is Expect Ascension and has several videos, numerous audio tracks, a blog and more bits of inspiration.  His book is available on Kindle or in Audio format on Amazon.