The Softball Journey is dedicated to helping parents through the years and all of the levels of the game.  In The Coach blog, I'm going to periodically provide information that will help parents who have volunteered to coach their daughter's recreational softball teams as well as non-parent coaches.  I will write articles and make use of pictures and videos to help coaches teach their players the fundamentals and advanced skills of the game.  Not only will they include tips on coaching in general for all coaches, but also on coaching your own daughter, which sooner or later will most likely present various challenges. 

The articles will be similar to an article I just wrote to help the high school girls I'm coaching on the Swartz Creek Softball web site.  I hope to save parents time and money too, since training, camps, clinics and equipment can become a bottomless pit.  There are some really good softball instructors who give you their money's worth, but there are also those who will gladly keep taking your money regardless of the results.  There are many gadgets or training aids on the market too, which can also empty your pockets quickly.  And the only limit to the number of camps and clinics is your free time, so they can also drain your finances.

I'll also discuss coaching girls other than your own daughters, which is for both parent coaches and non-parent coaches.  I'll share the insight I am currently acquiring as an assistant varsity softball coach as well as all the previous experiences I've had in recreational and travel softball coaching.

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